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Enterprise Solutions

Email Security Software

Protection from Spam, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing and Spoof. EMP Cloud is our next generation email security platform in the cloud. Read More

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Development Pipelines

Source control strategy
Code quality

Technical Mentoring

Best practice infusion
Coding guidance
Architecture/design adherence

Hybrid Lifecycle

Agile based
Financially friendly

Enterprise Architecture

Data modeling
Tiered applications
Micro Services
API coupled components
Integration / Message Bus

Coding Excellence

Deep Java ecosystem experience
Hybrid Agile methodology
"Coloring within the lines"
Team approach

Business Analysis

Stakeholder collaboration
Regulatory compliance
Business process analysis

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We Offer a comprehensive
array of software development Services

Custom Software Development
We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, QA, Project management and consultancy.
Distributed Team Excellence
Particularly critical now, in the midst of the global pandemic. Our years of experience building complex enterprise applications, with both stakeholders and consultants being geographically distributed, insures success for demanding projects.
Development Process Consulting
We bring our decades of enterprise development experience to help our clients implement the optimal software development process for their needs.

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