EMP Cloud Email Security

Enterprise Email Security In the cloud

For two decades our on-premise server product EMP Email Security, has been protecting the email of businesses of all sizes, from spam and malicious content. Today the next generation of EMP is here and has moved to the cloud.

In addition to living in the cloud, EMP Cloud substantially expands the former EMP on-premise feature set. Also, it will protect both on-premise email servers, as well as cloud based services such as Office 365 and Gmail.

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    Stops Viruses and Malware

    Mutilayer protection against both known and unknown variants leveraging sophisticated AI

    Eliminates Spam

    With an AI driven 99+% capture rate, filtering millions of possible attributes for every email

    Feature detail

    Security – Anti Virus

    EMP Cloud employs multi-level threat detection technology enabling our email Anti-Virus to provide customers with unrivalled protection from viruses and other email-borne threats. Our sophisticated anti-virus engines operate at the highest levels of accuracy, performance and effectiveness, blocking all known viruses. Heuristic scanning additionally discovers and protects against currently unknown viruses for added security and reassurance.

    Multi Layered protection

    Provides effective defense from viruses and manages threats away from your network with no hardware or software required.

    Proactive heuristic predictive technology

    Combats evolving virus threats. Updates in real time – protection against new and breaking attacks.

    100% virus protection against known Viruses

    Language independent engine with lowest tolerance for False Positives in the industry.

    Protection against phishing and spoofing

    Protects users from unknowingly following links to malware- bearing websites.

    Visibility and accountability

    Provides visibility, accountability and confidence in the service’s effectiveness.

    updates every second

    Proactive monitoring centrally updated every second.

    Spam Filtering

    Powered by patented MLX machine learning technology, EMP Cloud spam and phishing technology efficiently filters millions of possible attributes in every email. This advanced level scanning protection accurately filters emails by examining envelope headers and structure, content, email sender reputation, images and more, to prevent spam emails, malware, other malicious email and attachment-based spam reaching inboxes.

    Peace of mind with guaranteed performance

    Backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement covering over a 99% spam capture rate.

    Multi layered protection

    effective defense from spam with threats managed outside your network.

    Machine learning technology

    EMP Cloud’s’s machine learning technology detects and combats new spam threats in real time.

    Comprehensive sensitivity control

    Individual / group level and companywide spam sensitivity settings available.

    Analytics and reporting

    Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting to keep users informed on spam levels and quarantined mail.

    Consolidated quarantine digest email

    Users can receive a summary digest at regular intervals (every 4 hours) to review and process quarantined email across all of their email addresses and aliases.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Flexible online analytics dashboards and detailed email reporting available with one click for insightful management control.


    Analytics section enables management to get a high-level overview of the current state of their account.

    Save reports to favorites

    Customers are able to save particular statistics to favorites, in order to run specific reports, relevant to their account on a regular basis without having to setup each time.

    Monitor activity

    If you wish to monitor your company’s activity, you can choose to display the top used domain and the number of clean, spam or virus emails that have been sent, attempted to be sent or blocked per domain.

    Download reports

    Additionally, the system offers the ability to download results to pdf or excel and send to an email address.

    Outbound Content Filtering

    Outbound filtering ensures all email sent via the EMP Cloud platform is free from viruses, malware and other malicious content

    Outbound Virus and Malware Protection.

    Secure protection against sent emails which could damage an organization’s reputation or the security of the message recipient.

    Message Traceability

    View whether an email has been delivered successfully or been bounced, delayed or rejected.

    Protect sensative data

    Protect business reputation as well as sensitive data from leaving the organization. Email alerts for internal referees.

    Custom email disclaimers

    Organizations are able to add a disclaimer to all outbound email.

    Content Filtering

    EMP Cloud intelligent email Content Filter service enables organizations to use a flexible rules engine to enforce email communication policies

    Policy based detection

    Policy-based approach designed to detect confidential or inappropriate text-based email content.

    Comprehensive filtering

    Comprehensive, highly flexible and intuitive filter processes. 

    Multi part scanning

    Scanning within email header, subject and body.

    Security and Reputation protection

    Ensures employees are not jeopardizing the security and reputation of the business.

    Attachment detection

    Detects a large variety of attachments including Microsoft® Office, PDF attachments, compressed file types, executable (EXE) and all major media types.

    Acceptable use policy

    Creation and enforcement of an acceptable use policy.

    Zero Hour Outbreak

    Instantly protects users against new, unknown email threats as soon as they arise, your inbox is always secure.

    Immediate Malware Protection

    Plug the gap between new virus variant releases and the availability of signatures provided by AV vendors.

    Intelligent blocking

    No need for broad file-blocking policies. Safe files flow freely, only malicious attachments are blocked.

    Zero administration

    A fully automated real-time solution; zero administrative intervention required.

    Lowered anxiety

    IT managers can relax even when the next big worm attacks. Secure in knowing they’re already protected.

    URL Defense

    EMP Cloud leverages the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, EMP Cloud’s Industry Leading email analysis solution, to provide customers with URL Defense, the only service that effectively detects, catches and analyses malicious URLs.

    Predictive analysis

    EMP Cloud uses Big Data techniques and machine learning heuristics to predictively determine what ‘could likely’ be malicious and take pre-emptive steps before any user clicks on it.

    Advanced malware detection

    Sophisticated techniques to evaluate advanced threats that are traditionally missed by signature based and reputation based solutions.

    Real-time dynamic analysis

    Provides protection on any device, at any time, from any location, by following the email and checking for the URL destination’s safety in real-time. A frequent technique used by hackers has been to drive recipients to click on a link directing them to a website which is initially harmless but turns malicious after a period of time.

    Cloud scale

    Cloud scale and elasticity for malware analysis with global and immediate benefit to all organizations for emerging campaigns, with proprietary technology to defeat malware through counter- evasion techniques.

    Off-network support

    Enables security controls to persist, even if users are off the corporate network and bypassing on-premise security controls.

    Attachment defense

    Leveraging the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, EMP Cloud’s Industry Leading email analysis solution, to provide customers with Attachment Defense to effectively detect malicious attachments.

    Dynamic malware analysis

    Intelligence gathered by the dynamic malware analysis is used to identify and block malicious attachments that are designed to evade traditional security solutions.

    Statistical modeling

    Leverages Big Data techniques to build statistical models to provide predictive analysis.

    Cloud Architecture

    Billions of messages traverse EMP cloud’s ecosystem every day, providing global visibility and early protection for emerging threats.

    Cloud scale

    Cloud scale and elasticity for malware analysis with global and immediate benefit to all organizations for emerging campaigns, with proprietary technology to defeat malware through counter- evasion techniques.

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Block Data Loss and Comply with Regulatory Policies.

    Block data loss

    Block data loss with a user-transparent, centrally based, policy-driven data loss prevention filter.

    Smart Identifiers

    DLP Dictionaries and Smart Identifiers provide automatically updateable policies for lowest administrative cost and highest accuracy.

    Customizable policies

    Customize policies with point-and-click ease.

    Proprietary data tracking

    Always know where your private or proprietary data resides— including intellectual property, personal identification, patient information, financial information, and more—so you can simplify discovery, and quickly evaluate the data in order to make an appropriate response to any issue.

    Email Encryption

    Purpose built to help any size business reduce the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting email.

    Organization defined

    Organizations can create filters that automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted.


    End-user defined

    End-users can trigger encryption by using a predefined tag in the email subject line.

    no productivity impact on internal users

    Internal users, including the original sender and internal recipients can compose, read and respond to all encrypted emails in their inbox.

    Convenienant for external users

    External users must use Secure Mail (web-based interface) in order to read and respond to encrypted emails they have been sent.

    Automatic encryption

    If sensitive data is identified, the email is automatically encrypted. In this way security is maximized, without impacting end-users.

    Limited EMP Cloud retention

    All encrypted emails time out after 15 days and are removed from the service, ensuring that sensitive data is not retained for longer than necessary.

    Social Media Account Protection

    Advanced Protection for your Social Media Accounts.

    Profile lock

    Profile Lock continuously monitors for unusual posting patterns and unauthorized profile changes that signal your account may have been hacked.

    Content and security moderation

    Social Media Account Protection automates the content and security moderation process so you can apply your scarce resources to other social media marketing activities.

    Application control

    Control the applications that can access and publish content across your social networks.


    Simple, click-and-comply policy controls combined with detailed reporting to ensure compliance with industry regulations and corporate governance mandates.

    Reputation protection

    Ensure that your customers and followers are not subjected to malicious or inappropriate content posted to your social sites.

    Safely grow

    Safely grow your social media presence.

    Emergency Inbox

    The emergency inbox gives automatic access to your email if your server fails or unexpected downtime hits, keeping business email fully operational at all times.

    Instant and automatic

    Activated instantly and automatically, providing users with the ability to open, read, download attachments and reply to any email currently queuing.

    Emergency email availability

    Allows users to compose new emails and send them as if they were sent from their own, currently unavailable email server, so the recipient will never know your server’s down or the organization’s having issues, which could have reputational implications.

    Administrator control

    Administrator control of Emergency Inbox user access.

    Web access

    Fast and easy web-access to all queued email.

    Outage is transparent

    The people, customers, vendors with whom you communicate will not be aware you are experiencing an email outage.

    Messages auto restored to email server

    Restores messages to the email server with intact headers which can provide forensic data for Archiving & legal purposes.

    Instant Replay

    With the EMP Cloud Instant Replay, end users can easily replay successfully delivered emails received in the last 30 days, which may have been wrongly deleted or accidentally removed from servers.

    Re-deliver inbound email

    Can replay the delivery of any inbound email in the past 30 days.

    User replay

    Individual user access and ability to recover individual emails without the need for administrator action.

    faster, better email recovery

    Replaces the need for performing complex and risky Email Backup restores to recover a small number of messages.

    Email Spooling

    Email Spooling and Failover provides a comprehensive, extremely low-maintenance answer to your backup MX management needs. It preserves email metadata during an outage and delivers quick restoration of SMTP traffic to the primary site once recovery is detected.

    30 day spooling

    Is activated automatically without requiring any administrator intervention 24x7x365.

    Automatic and instant activation

    Avoids burdening IT staff by automatically detecting and monitoring destination server availability and making correct decision when to invoke failover configurations.

    Always-on SMTP Deferral, Failover & Queue protection

    Delivers quick restoration of SMTP traffic to primary site once recovery is detected, reducing system complexity.

    Admnistrative control

    Administrator access to control automatic failover order and status.

    Auto restoration

    Quick, automatic reset to primary site.


    Eliminate data storage constraints and meet legal and regulatory obligations with EMP Cloud’s 10-year cloud archive, which ensures businesses stay protected and compliant.

    Real-time envelope journaling for Exchange.

    Instantly archive all inbound, outbound and internal messages which are received and are sent from your Microsoft exchange server. This protects the email metadata ensuring that all mail is actually archived at the point of origin and final destination.

    Supporting Microsoft SBS. Exchange Server 2003 and later, plus Hosted Exchange

    Territory based archiving

    Utilizing our cloud infrastructure, EMP Cloud offers an unlimited storage archive with in-territory archiving, ensuring that our European customer’s email is archived in the EU and our USA client’s email is archived in the USA, thus supporting the requirements of the EU data protection directive.

    Fast indexed retrieval

    Super-fast indexing technology and message retrieval results offer the ability to retrieve, redeliver, forward or download email messages in seconds, even if the original email message was received 10 Years ago.

    Unlimited storage

    Archive an unlimited volume of email in the cloud with up to 10 years retention for a single fixed cost per mailbox per year.

    Tamper Proof and off-site

    Unable to manipulate email content in anyway with the ability to extract a binary replica of an email message for legal purposes.

    Zero admin

    Quick initial setup and zero on-going administration as there is no need to deploy, manage and upgrade expensive hardware, software and client plug-ins.

    Configurable retention

    Easily define an organizations retention policy, ensuring that email is never lost.

    Detailed logging

    Detailed Email Archive logs.


    Easily understand what messages are being searched for, including what actions are taken with each archived message such as exported, forwarded to or redelivered.

    Search and Forensic eDiscovery

    The EMP Cloud email archive comes with advance search capabilities for the super-fast and easy retrieval of a specific email or attachment type.

    Search & legal discovery

    Powerful search functionality and scalable cloud-based processing resources, to deliver rapid results from multiple points of access anywhere in the world.

    Supports multiple email servers

    Support for multiple email servers to create one searchable off- site email archive.


    Easy to use Search Archive Audit log to understand what messages are being searched for including what actions are taken with each archived message such as exported, forwarded to, or redelivered.

    Purely hosted solution

    Powerful search functionality and scalable cloud-based processing resources, to deliver rapid results from multiple points of access anywhere in the world.

    Follow long-term customer conversations

    Easily detect and follow customer conversations and detect any previous agreement confirmed via email with little effort.

    Management – Multi level Logins

    The EMP Cloud Interface has been built to service the management needs of all our user types. From customers and managing partners to organization admins requiring higher level and group controls, to granting end users the access to manage their own personal account settings.

    Organization level access

    As a Company Level Administrator, EMP Cloud enables this user-type to manage both the settings for the entire company as well as individual users separately. This level of user has access to manage email filters for the business, set spam sensitivity for the business or adjust it for individual users. Search company quarantine or locate messages for individuals. Nb. end-user Emergency Inbox access remains restricted to end-user only.

    User level access

    Allows each end user to access their own console – ability to manage personal email filters, Spam sensitivity settings, access personal Emergency Inbox directly and search consolidated email logs for their primary email address and all aliases. Additionally, they have the option search their personal Email Archive.


    Groups allow for categorizing users into organizational groupings. Groups can have their own sender lists and filters.

    Domain Management

    From administrative level login, unlimited domains can be managed via the easy to use EMP Cloud console. Each domain can then be managed independently or as a group.

    Host name and IP

    Administrators have self-service Domain Management by specifying new domains and matching destination servers – which can be set as a host name or Static IP address domain.

    Multiple Domains with separate destinations

    No limit has been set to the number of domains that can be added under one organization account.

    Instant failover

    Each registered domain can have a number of real-time failover server destinations. Once the primary destination becomes unavailable, EMP Cloud instantly attempts delivery to the real-time failover site and will automatically recover back once the primary delivery site becomes available once again.

    Comprehensive and Instant Log Search

    Email logs contain the email history of a user for a 30-day period. Users can quickly and easily search the email logs for both inbound & outbound filtered email including that of alias addresses imported from active directory or added manually.

    Comprehensive log information

    Logs show summary status (delivered, blocked, quarantined, etc.) and detailed information of emails processed during the last 30 days, enabling comprehensive email management and troubleshooting. Emails can be quickly and easily reported as spam, released from quarantine, confirmed as delivered as well as being re-delivered to the user in their original form using Instant Replay.

    Instantly searchable

    Email details are searchable in the Email Logs immediately after being processed in EMP Cloud – again enabling instant email management and troubleshooting.

    Individual log search

    Users are able to search their own email logs and use the Instant Replay feature to instantly re-deliver inbound emails to their inbox.

    Active Directory Sync

    Active directory keeps all functional users’ information up to date by automatically syncing with the platform once every 24 hrs.

    Synchronize mailboxes and aliases

    EMP Cloud’s Active Directory connector can connect to your local network and query the directory, returning active users and all corresponding email addresses belonging to them. Users are then registered within the EMP Cloud platform, replicating the active email accounts found and enabling management within a familiar directory layout.

    Synchronise and filter functional accounts free of charge.

    Import functional accounts such as Distribution Lists, email enabled Security Groups and Public Folders, allowing these accounts to be managed free of license costs and separate to normal users on the platform.

    Automatic periodic sync

    Automatically updates once per 24hrs.